What impact will the project have on the adjacent green space?

    Preservation of the park has been one of the design briefs of the Winn Room project from the outset. Lessons have been learned from the Spreckels Center development in approaching this project sensitively with the aim of minimizing harm to trees and maintaining the character of the North Library Lawn as a green space covered in trees. Below is a map of trees north of the library, with the architect’s estimation of trees that would be impacted by the remodel. The library and the City support the urban forest, its ability to soften the urban environment, provide shade and retreat in hot weather, and aid with carbon sequestration. The North Library Grounds Rehabilitation, a Capital Improvement Project approved in 2017/18, will be an adjunct to this project that will involve a comprehensive review of the area around the library with a view to maintain the balance of trees. Both Winn Room concepts envision building designs that celebrate and blend with the adjacent park space, with large windows to the park and a terrace to transition from inside to outside.

    Why can't the library use the Spreckels Center, the Nautilus Room at the Community Center, or the High School auditorium instead?

    Coronado doesn’t have another facility that performs the same function as the Winn Room in either its current or proposed form. There isn’t another space that is freely open to the community to use and attend events. The room located at the Spreckels Center, a facility reserved for adults over 55 years old, seats only 96 and has the same size issues as the current Winn Room. Unlike the Winn Room, the Grand Room is also often booked for use by paying customers as a function room e.g. for wedding receptions. The Nautilus Room at the Community Center is mostly used for private functions and with very little availability for library or community events. While both these rooms are good for functions, neither are up to the envisioned standard of the Winn Room as performance spaces. The High School auditorium is for use by CoSA, the high school and for school district events. As with the other spaces, community groups that wish to use it can only do so during very limited windows of availability and need to pay for use including custodial and staffing costs.

    I don't want to change the character of Coronado, why do we need an extravagant new community hall?

    The vast majority of events that fill the room beyond its current capacity are resident-attended community events. Increasing the room size to the 200-240 people range will fill a hole in the portfolio of performance spaces in Coronado that are available for community use. The Winn Room renovation has been designed to reflect the ambiance of the community as a whole and not be so visually extravagant or large in scale as to overwhelm the existing library context. The designs purposely fit in organically with the architecture of the existing library building and respect the historic frontage of the original Spreckels reading room and the aspect from Orange Avenue. The renovation will preserve the park and use the green space to advantage by integrating inside and outside spaces. The intention of the Winn Room renovation is to replace aging and insufficient infrastructure and to be a source of pride for the community.